Daily Lolita: With Love

February 14th, 2014

So I made this coord a couple months ago and decided to save it for Valentine’s Day… and completely forgot about it until I was looking for something to wear today. The skirt, earrings, purse, and flats are all past Valentine’s Day gifts from G Field (who sadly did not put anything out this year). The skirt was actually a dress, but the top part wasn’t very Lolita, so I paired it with the G Field blouse. I layered my erratic heart stockings over my G Field button socks to get the soft pink tone. My lovely hair is from a past Collabor88 round, but is now available at Tableau Vivant. I found really cute heart ribbon nails on Marketplace, and they look so sweet with the outfit. We’ve been snowed in for the past couple of days in real life, so I took this picture in a mall because today all the snow is finally gone, and I need to find something for my Valentine.

With Love

Blouse: Charlotte – pink – G Field – $260L
Skirt: Velvet Dress – Brown Heart – G Field
Earrings: Heart Earrings – pink - G Field
Bag: Heart Bag – pink - G Field
Socks: Button Socks – pink - G Field – L$200
Stockings: Patterned Stockings – Hearts/white - erratic – L$60
Shoes: Heart Flats – Pink – G Field

Hair: Ophelia – Summer – Tableau Vivant – L$300
Hands: Mesh Hands – Casual – SLink – L$450
Nails: Ribbon Heart – i`piteme – L$25
Lashes: “Falsies” Eyelash – Mon Chéri – L$299
Eyes: Jaded Eyes – Dusk – large bright – Poetic Eyes – L$100
Lipstick: Sylvia – Lipstick 02 G – Glam Affair – L$288 @ Collabor88
Skin: Elvi – America – 01 B – Glam Affair – L$499

Pose: Henteko Pose (mix2)G_5 - Natural – L$70

Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14th, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day from Lovely Little Lolita!

My sister, Sunny, and I twinned while doing the Mingle hunt. If you haven’t gone over there, you should! There are tons of kawaii prizes, and it’s really fun to do. Don’t forget to grab the katat0nik LIMITED EDITION Valentine Choco dress while it’s still on Marketplace!


See outfit details here.
Pose: Holding Hands Pose for Two – Group Gift – Rotten Toe

Daily Lolita: Anticipation

February 13th, 2014

Yes, I know it’s not even Valentine’s Day. I know Easter is two months away. However, Rotten Toe doesn’t care and has put out this darling Easter dress for half price till February 17th. The bunny and Easter eggs were actually on an apron on the front of the dress, but I wasn’t crazy about that, so I moved them into my lovely basket I picked up (along with the pose) at this round of Enchantment. I replaced the bunny ears that came with it for my lovely pearl ones, and My katat0nik jellybean necklace is so adorable with the outfit. I really wanted to wear my TSG ruffled socks, so I layered them over the subtle dot stockings from erratic. The shoes are aptly named “jellybean” as well, and are only $90L at TSG. The double pigtail buns are really popular right now, and I picked up this one at elikatira. This is another shade of lipstick from Glam Affair at Collabor88 this month, and I’m in love! I wonder if my partner will let me hide Easter eggs early this year?


Dress & Socks: Easter Lolita Dress - Rotten Toe – L$175 (till February 17th)
Ears: Animal Wire Headband – Pearl – Rabbit  RARE - ur.favorite.one – L$30/play
Necklace: Bunny Jelly Bean Necklace (group gift 2013) – katat0nik
Basket: Rattenbag. – Grandma – anc Ltd – L$160 @ Enchantment
Stockings: Patterned Stockings – Dots/white - erratic – L$60
Socks: Prissy Ruffle Socks – Solid White – The Sugar Garden – $100
Shoes: Jellybean Wedgies – Hot Pink – The Sugar Garden – L$90

Hair: Leighann - Blondes – elikatira – L$350
Hands: Mesh Hands – Fist – SLink – L$450
Nails: Pastel Colours – Helianthus – L$15
Lashes: “Falsies” Eyelash – Mon Chéri – L$299
Eyes: Jaded Eyes – Dusk – large bright – Poetic Eyes – L$100
Lipstick: Sylvia – Lipstick 02 G – Glam Affair – L$288 @ Collabor88
Skin: Elvi – America – 01 B – Glam Affair – L$499

Pose: Little Red #7 - elephante poses – L$40 @ Enchantment

Daily Lolita: Valentine

February 10th, 2014

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and I whispered in Katat0nik Pigeon’s ear that the previously unavailable red Choco mesh dress would make a lovely Valentine’s special after my beautiful sister, Sunny, lamented about the missing color. The result is TWO gorgeous shades of red and socks, available only on Marketplace till Valentine’s day. I’m very excited I got to use my new Half-Deer truffle beret from Chapter Four and the brand new Wasabi Pill dolly curls. While at Collabor88 I picked up one of the Sylvia lipstick packets, which goes well with my Elvi skin. The katat0nik dress comes with socks, and I layered them over Schadenfreude stockings to hide my scandalous knees. I played the Bonbon Ring gacha while I was there, and go some adorable little candy rings. Finally I treated myself to the light pink Aya wedges from katat0nik.

Now, who needs a Valentine?


Dress & Socks: LIMITED EDITION Valentine Choco – bright red - katat0nik – $500L
Beret: Truffle Beret – Heart Sprinkles RARE - Half-Deer – $45L/play @ Chapter Four
Ring: Bonbon Ring – Dark Chocolate Dollop – Schadenfreude – $25L/play
Ring: Bonbon Ring – Milk Chocolate Topped Heart – Schadenfreude – $25L/play
Stockings: Opaque Amortentia Stockings - Flamingo White - Schadenfreude – $60L
Socks:  Valentine Choco Socks – bright red - katat0nik
Shoes: Aya Wedges – lt pink – katat0nik – $375L

Hair: Yun – Golden – Wasabi Pill – $250L
Hands: Mesh Hands – Fist – SLink – $450L
Nails: Sweet Tooth – Cherry Bomb – Action Nails – $200L
Lashes: “Falsies” Eyelash – Mon Chéri – $299L
Eyes: Jaded Eyes – Dusk – large bright – Poetic Eyes – $100L
Lipstick: Sylvia – Lipstick 02 D – Glam Affair – $288L @ Collabor88
Skin: Elvi – America – 01 B – Glam Affair – $499L

Pose: Posing stand!

Daily Lolita: Bookworm

January 23rd, 2014

I am not a fan of the whole one-size-fits-all mesh, which is one of the reasons I’ve never blogged Feather before. I don’t want to look so drastically different you don’t recognize me, especially if it means losing my curves.

While this dress is one size, it’s roomy enough that it doesn’t look bad on my shape. I love the ruffled neckline and hem so much. The blouse is built into the dress, which comes in several rich colors. I went with a lovely Wasabi Pill style to soften up the look, and the G Field roses fit perfectly on the twist. The pearl earrings and choker are from Yummy and are available at Collabor88. I stayed simple with plain black Blushed stockings and the black version of Ingenue’s pickford heels. If you haven’t checked out Helianthus for nail appliers, you are seriously missing out! The textures are beautiful and the SLink HUDs are only $15L!


Dress: OBOP – Red – Feather – $280L
Hair Flowers: Rose Hairpin Set – wine red – G Field – $140L
Jewelry: Satin Bow & Pearls Set – Black – Yummy– $188L @ Collabor88
Socks: Antique Lace Stockings – Black – Blushed – $150L
Shoes: Pickford Heels – Ebon – Ingenue – $295L

Hair: Alicia – Golden – Wasabi Pill – $250L
Hands: Mesh Hands – Fist – SLink – $450L
Nails: Slink Nail Appliers – Rich Colours – Helianthus – $15L
Lashes: “Falsies” Eyelash – Mon Chéri – $299L
Eyes: Jaded Eyes – Dusk – large bright – Poetic Eyes – $100L
Freckles: Face & Body Freckles – Oh!Liv – $100L
Skin: Elvi – Europa – 01 B – Glam Affair – $799L

Pose: Doll Baby 3 – LP

Daily Lolita: Bunny Picnic

January 16th, 2014

Teddy bears aren’t the only ones who have picnics! We bunnies get together regularly to romp and munch. I decorated myself with Honey Kitty cuteness, in a turtleneck, dress, bag, and socks. I highly recommended getting the fat pack of the bag so you can mix and match the colors I like did. I tinted my BOOM hair bow to match and made sweet rose earrings for myself. The shoes are another win from an old Arcade round, one of the many colors I got while playing the fashionably dead machine for the solid black pair. My curly side ponytail is from Wasabi Pill.

Bunny Picnic

Turtleneck: Flower Corsage Tops – sugar – Honey Kitty – $150L
Dress: Rose Lace Dress JSK – Lavender – Honey Kitty – $320L
Hair bow: Mosey Hair Bow – sugar – BOOM – $125L
Earrings: Pink Rose earrings – Lovely Little Lolita
Bag: Sweet Sweet Bag01 - multi color - Honey Kitty – $480L
Socks: Rose Dot Overknee Socks – Cream – Honey Kitty – $120L
Shoes: Platform Cuties – Lilac & Pink – fashionably dead

Hair: Julia – Golden – Wasabi Pill – $250L
Hands: Mesh Hands – Fist – SLink – $450L
Lashes: “Falsies” Eyelash – Mon Chéri – $299L
Eyes: Jaded Eyes – Dusk – large bright – Poetic Eyes – $100L
Freckles: Face & Body Freckles – Oh!Liv – $100L
Skin: Elvi – Europa – 01 B – Glam Affair – $799L

Pose: *Naturally Confident* Model Pose 1 – Fudge – L$0 (Opening Gift)

Daily Lolita: Star of the Parade

January 14th, 2014

Yesterday I showed you a dress whose quality was regrettable, so today let’s go to the other end of the spectrum. I love, Love, LOVE the new mesh dresses Violent Seduction has been releasing. Make sure you enlarge this picture so you can check out the amazing details. The dress comes with the blouse (the old Violent Seduction long sleeves won’t work with this dress), socks, and the adorable hat. I felt like I should be leading a parade somewhere! I love that I got to wear my new Carousel accessories from katatonik. I bought some mesh rose sculpts and made little earrings to play off the roses on the Carousel horses. I love the gold trim on my Beth wedge booties from G Field, and they tie in nicely with the outfit. This pony tail from Truth is one of my favorites because how full and bouncy it looks. I feel like this coord leans more towards Classic Lolita, thought an argument can be made for it being Sweet Lolita. Either way, it’s fantastic!

Star of the Parade

Blouse, Dress, Hat, & Socks: Royal Star – Brown – Violent Seduction – $400L
Earrings: Gold Rose earrings – Lovely Little Lolita
Necklace: Carousel Necklace – katat0nik – $50L/play
Candy Stick: Carousel Candy Stick – choco – katat0nik – $50L/play
Boots: Beth – Brown – G Field – $300L

Hair: Tymber – LightBlondes03Fade – Truth – $250L
Hands: Mesh Hands – Fist – SLink – $450L
Lashes: “Falsies” Eyelash – Mon Chéri – $299L
Eyes: Jaded Eyes – Dusk – large bright – Poetic Eyes – $100L
Freckles: Face & Body Freckles – Oh!Liv – $100L
Skin: Elvi – Europa – 01 B – Glam Affair – $799L

Pose: Lovely day for a stroll!- Fudge – L$0 (Opening Gift)

Daily Lolita: Chocolate Paradise

January 13th, 2014

Second Life is a magical place. You can find almost anything there, including a replica of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory! I’ve been debating off and on about blogging this dress. The fabric was taken from the real life dress “Chess Chocolate” by Angelic Pretty. It’s definitely Lolita, and it combines a mesh top with a flexy skirt, which I love. However, the craftsmanship leaves a lot to be desired. I will lay out my complaints for you and let you decide if it’s worth it or not.

*Note: A lot of the issues could be fixed if the skirt was mod, but it’s not.
1. The skirt is flat in the front making it difficult to wear if you do not have wide hips or if you are roundy like me.
2. For the bigger size, the bottom of the mesh top sticks out farther than the skirt. If you try to resize the skirt to go over it, there is a gap in the front and back of the skirt where it meets the belly and back.
3. The texture of the fabric is backwards (the letters are reversed) and there wasn’t a lot of effort taken to line up the texture on the bottom.
4. There is A LOT of movement in the skirt when you walk or shift positions.

Now that’s all out of the way, I had fun making this coord. Again, I used my blouse from G Field. It’s my favorite for versatility and style. I paired the dress with my Honey Kitty chocolate accessories and got the matching shoes from Rini Hime. This is the newest Rosy Mood hair, and it’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine. The purse was from KUE!, which is gone unfortunately. I love the pattern on my nails from by Snow. Now excuse me while I eat my way through this sim!

Chocolate Paradise

Blouse: Charlotte – white – G Field – $260L
Dress: Merry Go Round Dress V2 – cream – Rini Hime – $90L
Jewelry: Chocolate Cream Set – Milk – Honey Kitty – $250L
Purse: Handbag Royal Lovecake – KUE!
Socks: Chocolate Socks – Cream – Honey Kitty – $100L
Shoes: Merry Go Round Heel V2 – Chocolate – Rini Hime – $165L

Hair & Bow: Swirly – praline – Rosy mood – $180L
Hands: Mesh Hands – Casual – SLink – $450L
Nails: Fall Glamour 2013 Gold – By Snow – $50L
Lashes: “Falsies” Eyelash – Mon Chéri – $299L
Eyes: Jaded Eyes – Dusk – large bright – Poetic Eyes – $100L
Freckles: Face & Body Freckles – Oh!Liv – $100L
Skin: Elvi – Europa – 01 B – Glam Affair – $799L

Pose: Kawaii Pose 5 – Endless Dreams

Daily Lolita: A Dream is a Wish

January 9th, 2014

While I love mesh, many of the current dress styles do not meet the rigid standards of Lolita. I have become more relaxed in my posts in order to blog more frequently. This outfit is not mesh, but it is exactly what Lolita should look like. The frilly, modest blouse is my go-to G Field favorite. The skirt is of my own making, based on the real life Lolita print “La robe de Cinderella” from Chess Story. I finally got to use my princess nail applier from Elephante Poses. My sweet teardrop earrings are from Maxi Gossamer. The bracelets are wins from previous Arcade rounds, though the machines are up in the Noodles store. To contrast the busy print of the skirt, I just went with simple white stockings. Unfortunately the hair is an old elikatira which is no longer available. I really wanted glass slippers, but I worried that would be too cosplay so I went with these lovely Ingenue heels. Ingenue is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores for SLink shoes. Overall I feel like a pretty princess.

A Dream is a Wish

Blouse: Charlotte – pink – G Field – $260L
Skirt: Dream Wish – blue – Lovely Little Lolita
Earrings: Serena Teardrop – Blue Pearl – Maxi Gossamer – $299L
Bracelets: Fairy Tale Bracelet I & II – Noodles – $50L/play (per charm)
Stockings : Seamed White Pantyhose – Opague – Blushed – $150L
Shoes: Pickford Heels – Blush – Ingenue – $295L

Hair & Band: Parade - Blonde 12 – elikatira
Hands: Mesh Hands – Casual – SLink – $450L
Nails: Once Upon A Dream – Elephante Poses – $75L
Lashes: “Falsies” Eyelash – Mon Chéri – $299L
Eyes: Jaded Eyes – Dusk – large bright – Poetic Eyes – $100L
Freckles: Face & Body Freckles – Oh!Liv – $100L
Skin: Elvi – Europa – 01 B – Glam Affair – $799L

Pose & Carriage: Princess Carriage – Glitterati – $100L

Daily Lolita: Ringing in the New Year

January 8th, 2014

Get it? Telephone purse… “ringing” in the New Year. Please forgive my horrible pun. Such things are pretty much foreplay here in the Fireheart house. I was so excited when G Field released this dress and matching shoes. This is a recolor of her 2012 gift, and they are all up at the store until January 10th. The earrings and necklace were a dollarbie gift from Izzie’s, but they are now up at her store for L$120. I’m loving Blushed for tights and are wearing the new white ones. My hair is the newest lovely from Wasabi Pill at FaMESHed, and it comes with a cute side bow which you really cannot see at this angle. I knew I wanted a winter coffee shop scene, but the outfit looked a bit boring so I hopped over to Chapter Four and played the newest Zenith gacha. Hence the corny name.

Ringing in the New Year

Dress: Holiday Dress – pink – G Field – $50L (Available through 1/10/2014)
Jewelry: Snowflake earrings & necklace – Izzie’s – $120L
Stockings : Seamed White Pantyhose – Opague – Blushed – $150L
Shoes: Wedge Pumps 2013 Holiday – pink – G Field – $50L (Available through 1/10/2014)
Purse: Timeless CallMe bag – Rose – Zenith – $85/play @ Chapter Four

Hair & Bow: Emily – Golden – Wasabi Pill – $25o @ FaMESHed
Hands: Mesh Hands – Casual – SLink – $450L
Nails: Set 192 – Flair – $50L
Lashes: “Falsies” Eyelash – Mon Chéri – $299L
Eyes: Jaded Eyes – Dusk – large bright – Poetic Eyes – $100L
Freckles: Face & Body Freckles – Oh!Liv – $100L
Skin: Elvi – Europa – 01 B – Glam Affair – $799L

Pose: Sayuri – Pose 7 - {Imeka~} – $25L