Daily Lolita: The Traveller

November 10th, 2013

I’m a terribly huge geek, and I love when I can fly my geek flag AND dress in Lolita! My gorgeous dress and boater hat from G Field makes me think of traveling. This Truth hair is one of my favorites, and it’s both adorable and no-nonsense! Of course, I need sensible shoes, so the new Ingenue booties were a perfect fit, and they work with both SLink feet and the regular avatar feet. These stripe socks add some pattern without deviating from the Classic theme. My little camera necklace made me think of touring, except it’s much less bulky and much more cute than an actual camera. To make sure I’m on time, I have my awesome Timeless bag which actually keeps time! It was my favorite find from the Chapter Four collaboration event. Now to see if this is really a phone booth or a Tardis!

The Traveller

Dress: Vivian -bordeaux – G Field – $300L
Hat: Boater Hat felt – 18 color – G Field – $300L
Necklace: Camera Necklace gold – blue – Izzie’s – $40L/play
Purse: Timeless Bag Open – Black – RARE – Zenith – $85/play @ Chapter Four
Stockings : Striped Lace – Licorice – AviCandy – $49L
Shoes: Volta Booties – Asphalt – Ingenue – $188L @ Collabor88

Hair: Hollana – LightBlondes03Fade – Truth – $250L
Hands: Mesh Hands – Casual – SLink – $450L
Feet: Womens Barefeet – Medium – SLink – $675L
Nails: Black Frenchies – Reds – nine inch nails – $30L
Lashes: “Falsies” Eyelash – Mon Chéri – $299L
Eyes: Jaded Eyes – Dusk – large bright – Poetic Eyes – $100L
Freckles: Face & Body Freckles – Oh!Liv – $100L
Skin: Elvi – Europa – 01 B – Glam Affair – $799L

Pose: Rain 1 – la petite morte

Daily Lolita: Jailbait

November 9th, 2013

So many people associate cage skirts with Ero Lolita, but by themselves, they are way too immodest. Paired with a short underskirt and a filmy overskirt like Violent Seduction has done with this dress, Criminal, they are perfect! I really love the corset and the cage collar with its little bow. The hair bow had a cage that went down over the bangs, but I didn’t like that as much, so I hid it. The sheer blouse is an old one from Katat0nik which adds modesty but still keeps the outfit sexy. If you look closely at my tights, you will see they are skulls and bones rather than a woven pattern. There is also red trim on the black G Field shoes, tying them in with the red on the dress. It’s subtle details like those which I love.  My partner made happy noises when I demoed the Mila hair from Wasabi Pill, so it seemed a good fit for this sexy ensemble. Playing on the whole jail theme, I went with handcuff rings for bracelets. This skin is the America version of my beloved Elvi, which is only $188L a makeup right now at Collabor88. Be sure and grab it if you love it–I don’t know if it will be available after this round! The whole coord is sexy while retaining that innocent look. Since I’m over 18 years old, you get all the deliciousness without any of the jail time!


Dress, Collar, & Hair Bow: Criminal – Blood – Violent Seduction – $400L
Blouse: Sheer s/s shirt –black – Katat0nik
Handcuffs: Police handcuffs – RealRestraint – $250L
Stockings : Patterned Stockings – Skulls – black– erratic – $150L
Shoes: Sophie – black – G Field– $180L

Hair: Mila – Golden – Wasabi Pills – $250L
Hands: Mesh Hands – Casual – SLink – $450L
Feet: Womens Barefeet – Medium – SLink – $675L
Nails: Basic Nails – Peach – SLink
Lashes: “Falsies” Eyelash – Mon Chéri – $299L
Eyeliner: Prezioso Eyes Makeup – 03 – Glam Affair
Eyes: Jaded Eyes – Dusk – large bright – Poetic Eyes – $100L
Freckles: Face & Body Freckles – Oh!Liv – $100L
Skin: Elvi – America – 01 B – Glam Affair – $188L @ Collabor88

Pose: Hall 1 – la petite morte

Clockwork Dolly

November 8th, 2013

It’s the 8th, which means a new round at Collabor88! This month’s theme is “Industrial Chic,” which honestly doesn’t appeal to me. However, this dress from Katat0nik appeals to me very much! I love the metal corset and the matching bow, and there are tons of colors to choose from. Just down the row was a lovely gear choker from Boom. I set it on the collar of my G Field blouse like a pin. I was also very excited to see these Victorian style boots from Beetlebones, though I had to tint them darker to match. My wonderful partner found these “gearings” for me, and they come in all sorts of metals so they will match whatever dress you get. My stockings were a great find in the BlakOpal Designs marketplace store. Though you cannot really see them, my nails are the black and gold polish, which is a free gift at the D!va Nail store. Yes, she makes nails now, and YES they are gorgeous. While I’m wearing the Europa version of Elvi, the America color is available at Collabor88 this month for $188L a makeup set. I plan to go back and get it for summer time wear! I wear my AiTech key all the time, but this is a great dress to show it off!

Clockwork Dolly

Dress: Metal Corset Dress – pale-brass – Katat0nik – $288L @ Collabor88
Dress: Metal Bow – texture change – Katat0nik – $188L @ Collabor88
Doll Key: Gemmed Heart Doll Key – AiTech – $600L
Blouse: Charlotte – brown – G Field – $260L
Choker: The Illustrious Sproket Strand Copper – *BOOM* – $88L @ Collabor88
Earrings: Gearrings – Bronze/Iron #10 – Aeval Bolissima – $40L
Socks: Gearworks Stockings – Brown – BlakOpal Designs – $50L
Shoes: Fowler Laced- Up Boots – Ash – Beetlebones – $88L @ Collabor88

Hair: Hope With Bangs – PaleBlonde – LaViere
Hands: Mesh Hands – Casual – SLink – $450L
Nails: Black Lace – D!va Nail – FREE
Lashes: “Falsies” Eyelash – Mon Chéri – $299L
Eyes: Jaded Eyes – Dusk – large bright – Poetic Eyes – $100L
Freckles: Face & Body Freckles – Oh!Liv – $100L
Skin:  Elvi – Europa – 01 B – Glam Affair – $799L
(America available @ Collabor88 for $188L)

Pose: Advent Gift 6 F – Exposeur

Daily Lolita: The Bunny Garden

November 5th, 2013

As I’ve mentioned in several posts, I love bunnies. I adore bunnies. I’m actually a bunny in a human suit! Anyway, the squealing you heard late Monday night was me dying over Katat0nik’s newest release, BunnyCakes. It is beautiful and elegant and classic and it has BUNNIES! Don’t rush over to her main store–this dress is only available at the Ozimals Main Store. I wanted to keep this one fairly simple, so I went with a black blouse and black stockings. Even though it’s a bit more sweet than I was wanting, I wore my rose bunny radio necklace from Katat0nik because it went so well. My adorable shoes are the newest release from The Sugar Garden. I took the rose from the Chemistry Tamora hair everyone is wearing and pinned it to my brand new short ringlets from Wasabi Pill, which was also the source of much squees. My skin is also the brand new Elvi from Glam Affair, part of her new Youth Line. I think there was squeeing and crying when I tried it on because I’ve been looking for a new skin that I truly loved for a couple months now.

The Bunny Garden

Dress: BunnyCakes Dress – pink – Katat0nik – $400L @ Ozimals Main Store
Blouse: Lolita Blouse (short sleeve) –black – Violent Seduction – $100L
Hair Flower: Rose clip – Chemistry – $250L (from Tamora hair)
Necklace: Radio Necklace – rose bunny – Katat0nik – $50L/play
Stockings : Basic Color Tights – black– G Field – $120L
Shoes: Lolita Platforms – white – The Sugar Garden – $175L

Hair: Rene – Golden – Wasabi Pills – $250L @ FaMESHed
Hands: Mesh Hands – Casual – SLink – $450L
Feet:  Womens Barefeet – Medium – SLink – $675L
Nails: Slink Nail Appliers – Colours Pack 2 – Hello Dave – $99L
Lashes: “Falsies” Eyelash – Mon Chéri – $299L
Eyes: Jaded Eyes – Dusk – large bright – Poetic Eyes – $100L
Freckles: Face & Body Freckles – Oh!Liv – $100L
Skin:  Elvi – Europa – 01 B – Glam Affair – $799L

Pose: Long hair #3 – 7 – Glitterati Poses
Bunny: SittingRabbit white M – Happy Mood – $220L

Daily Lolita: Gone Batty

October 31st, 2013

Today is a double feature! Remember that RMK Halloween Hunt I was doing? This lovely dress is one of the prizes! Unfortunately the hunt ends today and the prizes are random. Of course, you can hop over to Violent Seduction and get one of the other colorways. While you are bouncing around, stop by G Field and pick up this year’s and last year’s gift. Both my bow and my stockings are from the latter. My adorable jewelry is from Noodles at the Tricky Treats Gatcha Village, which also ends today. My nails are also free from Nailed It! for Halloween. The shoes and the blouse are both staples in my wardrobe and at G Field. Looks like you have a lot of shopping to do today!

Gone Batty

Dress: Nosferatu –  Lavender – Violent Seduction – RMK Halloween Hunt Prize
Blouse: Charlotte – white – G Field – $260L (tinted lavender)
Hairbow: Halloween Bat Ribbon 2012 – G Field – FREE
Jewelry: Batty – G Field – $25L/play @ Tricky Treats Gatcha Village
Stockings : Halloween Bat Tights 2012 – G Field– FREE
Shoes: Bow Strap Shoes “Kate” – black – G Field – $180L (bows tinted lavender)

Hair: Dolly – LightBlondes03Fade – Truth – $250L
Hands: Mesh Hands – Casual – SLink – $450L
Nails: Halloween 2013 Set – Nailed It! – Free
Lashes: “Falsies” Eyelash – Mon Chéri – $299L
Eyes: Jaded Eyes – Dusk – large bright – Poetic Eyes – $100L
Freckles: Face & Body Freckles – Oh!Liv – $100L
Skin: Neva skin – Europa 05 A – Glam Affair

Pose: FLF fem 6-10 – 6 – !bang poses


October 31st, 2013

Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain from Lovely Little Lolita!

My dress, cape, jewelry, and hair  are Collabor88 finds, which closes down November 7th, so get over there quick! While this gorgeous dress from Katat0nik could easily be loli-fied, I had a different picture in mind. The shoes were from the Wizarding Faire which is sadly over  now. I’m a bunny at heart, so of course my familiar is my little bunny friend! She’s wearing the hat from the Katat0nik doll avatar from a couple years ago. The broom and pose are from Focus Poses. I’m off to a Halloween party now! I hope your day is magical!


Dress: Wishy Woman Dress – wine – Katat0nik – $288L @ Collabor88
Cape: Wishy Woman Cape – wine – Katat0nik – $188L @ Collabor88
Pendant:  Waxing Moon Enchantment – Silver – (Yummy) – $88L @ Collabor88
Earrings:  Waxing Moon Enchantment – Silver – (Yummy) – $88L @ Collabor88
Hat: Witchy Hat – Evie’s Closet
Socks: Stripey Goth Tights – black – Sn@tch
Shoes: Batty shoes – black/silver – Lassitude & Ennui

Hair: Windswept – Bombshell Blonde – Clawtooth – $188L @ Collabor88
Hands: Mesh Hands – Casual – SLink – $450L
Nails: Requiem Nails [Slink Nails APPLIER] – Mad’ – $99L
Lashes: “Falsies” Eyelash – Mon Chéri – $299L
Eyes: Jaded Eyes – Dusk – large bright – Poetic Eyes – $100L
Freckles: Face & Body Freckles – Oh!Liv – $100L
Skin: Neva skin – Europa 05 A – Glam Affair

Pose & Broom: Witch Magic Broom – Pose 4 – Focus Poses – $150L
Bunny: Mochi Bunny – !Ohmai
Bunny’s Hat: Tiny Witch Doll Hat – purple – Katat0nik

Daily Lolita: Here Kitty Kitty

October 30th, 2013

Please don’t kill me for mixing cosplay in my Lolita… it’s Halloween time after all! G Field released this Halloween gift today, and I had to show off how purrfectly adorable it is. The dress, ears, and tail are all included, and it’s all free. If you stop by the G Field store, you can also pick up last year’s gift, which I showed off in Ghost of Halloween Past: Superstition. I didn’t go too crazy coording this one because I wanted to make sure I posted today. I found these adorable cat stockings at Izzie’s and I layered them over my G Field basic color stockings in orange. Since Izzie’s stockings has appliers for the SLink feet, I was able to show off my Ingenue Pickford Heels.  My nails are the pointed option of the SLink hands, painted with Cae’s Basic Manicure HUD. I know it’s pricey, but the colors are beautiful and they perfectly match the toenails on GOS shoes. My wrists are decorated with lace cuffs from Xanimations. They are color change and RLV scripted for those of y’all who are submissive babygirls like me. Finally, my hair is Candy from Truth, which I’ve had for a long time but never found an outfit to wear it with. It looks especially pretty cascading down the back of the dress. The pose is what really makes the picture. Overall, I’m a happy kitty! One more day till Halloween!

Here Kitty Kitty

Dress: Puff Sleeve Dress “Taylor” – halloween – G Field – FREE
Headband: Cat Ears Headband – halloween – G Field – FREE
Cuffs: Lady Lace Cuffs – Xanimations – $350L
Stockings : Basic Color Tights – orange– G Field – $120L
Socks: Cat Tights – black – Izzie’s – $225L
Shoes: Pickford Heels (SLink Only) – Ebon – Ingenue – $295L

Hair: Candy – LightBlondes01 – Truth – $250L
Hands: Mesh Hands – Casual – SLink – $450L
Nails: Manicure HUD – Basic – Cae – $300L
Feet:  Womens Barefeet – Medium – SLink – $675L
Lashes: “Falsies” Eyelash – Mon Chéri – $299L
Eyes: Jaded Eyes – Dusk – large bright – Poetic Eyes – $100L
Freckles: Face & Body Freckles – Oh!Liv – $100L
Skin: Neva skin – Europa 05 A – Glam Affair

Pose: Mew 4 – The Secret Hideout – $25L

Daily Lolita: Autumn Harvest

October 28th, 2013

I love Fall foods so much! Squash, pumpkin, apples, cinnamon… you name it! My friend Sunny was wearing this dress from Sn@tch today, and it make me think of strolling through the farmer’s market searching for fall goodies in a Country Lolita coord. The awesome part about SL is that you can take a dress that isn’t originally Lolita and edit it to fit the parameters. I lengthened the skirt and added the G Field blouse with the long sleeves and rounded collar. The hat is from Honey Kitty, and I just loved how whimsical the purple looked with the dress, especially with the white trim. I’m sad that the basic lace socks from G Field have been discontinued, but if you don’t have the Alex shoes yet, you need them! Yes, I know that almost every Country coord I do has this straw bag, but I love it so much. My pigtails are from Magika, and I love how they are sweet (like the name) but have a no-fuss sort of look to them. As far as nails go, I love all the colors and the price of my Hello Dave set. It’s probably the nail set I use the most often for everyday wear. Both my pose and the beautiful scenery can be found at {Imeka~}. Now I’m off to make some cinnamon apples. Yum!

Autumn Harvest

Dress: Fancey Dress – Purple – Sn@tch – $250L
Blouse: Charlotte – white – G Field – $260L
Hat: spring straw hat01 – texture-change – Honey Kitty – $180L
Bag: Ribbon Straw bag – S@BBiA – $50L
Socks: Basic Socks with lace (medium) – G Field – discontinued
Shoes: Strap Shoes “Alex” – lilac mist – G Field – $180L

Hair: Sweet – [01] – Magika – $250L
Hands: Mesh Hands – Casual – SLink – $450L
Nails: Slink Nail Appliers – Colours Pack 2 – Hello Dave – $99L
Lashes: “Falsies” Eyelash – Mon Chéri – $299L
Eyes: Jaded Eyes – Dusk – large bright – Poetic Eyes – $100L
Freckles: Face & Body Freckles – Oh!Liv – $100L
Skin: Neva skin – Europa 05 A – Glam Affair – discontinued

Pose: Miki – Pose 7 – {Imeka~} – $25L
Apple: made from library sculpts/textures

Daily Lolita: Trick or Treat

October 27th, 2013

So many new treats in this post! I’ve been making updates to my avatar and have so much newness to share! These fabulous dress and socks are brand new at Katat0nik. This past week, I’ve been bouncing around to all the Halloween festivals. I played the gacha at Tricky Treats Gatcha Village for the Little Ghost necklace, ring, and earrings from Noodles.  These cute pigtails were also a gacha win from the Halloween round of THE LEGION PROJECT.  The purse was a find at HORRORFEST 2013, which is a Halloween fair and gacha supporting The Epilepsy Therapy Project.  My lovely skin and my pose are from this round of Kustom 9. Last, but not least, I have brand new mesh eyelashes from Mon Cheri!

The only trick is that most of these items will be gone after October 31st, so you better hurry and get them!

Trick or Treat

Here is a close-up so you can see all the lovely details. Note the little pumpkins on the hairbands and my nails! You can also see my little ghost jewelry and my candy clutch. Notice how lovely my new skin and lashes are! I love the speckling of freckles across the nose!

Trick or Treat Details

Dress: Choco Dress – Halloween – Katat0nik – $450L
Jewelry: Little Ghost – Noodles – $25L/play @ Tricky Treats Gatcha Village
Purse: Hard Candy – Jack-o-Lantern – .{yumyums}. – $100L @ HORRORFEST 2013
Stockings : Choco Socks – Halloween Stripe2 – Katat0nik – $150L
Shoes: Wingtip Mary Janes – black/white – Katat0nik – $400L

Hair: Emiko – LBlonde04 – taketomi – $50L/play @ THE LEGION PROJECT
Hands: Mesh Hands – Casual – SLink – $450L
Nails: Halloween Nailpolish – Caroline’s – $50L
Lashes: “Falsies” Eyelash – Mon Chéri – $299L
Eyes: Jaded Eyes – Dusk – large bright – Poetic Eyes – $100L
Skin: Neva skin – Europa 05 A – Glam Affair – $190L @ Kustom 9

Pose: Sayuri – Pose 6 – {Imeka~} – $90L @ Kustom 9

Ghost of Halloween Past: Black Magic Woman

October 26th, 2013

I am afraid this is the last stop. I am the Ghost of Halloween Past, here to take you on a tour of some of the wonderful freebies and Halloween specials of the previous years. Unfortunately many of these gifts are no longer available, but by reviewing the past we can get a glimpse of the awesomeness we have to look forward to this Halloween!

Black Magic Woman

Last, but certainly not least, we have this beautifully textured mesh dress given as the Blood Blood Halloween gift last year. I wore it over the G Field blouse to give myself a more modest look. The pumpkin Prettiful earrings were such a perfect match, and were the 2009 Love Soul Halloween nails. It was hard to choose stockings for this coord, but I love the witchy feel that the Muka Zebra socks give the outfit. This hair is another eep find from their 50% off sale. What really makes the outfit, though, is the big bow I picked up at Love Donna Flora. It’s not available either anymore. The cute Alex pumps from G Field are available still, and they are some of my favorite shoes!

I hope you have enjoyed the tour. Please check back for the great Halloween specials and discounts of 2013.

Black Magic Woman

Dress: Disgraced 2012 – Blue Blood
Blouse: Silky Blouse “Charlotte” – black – G Field – $260L
Hairbow: Mosey Hair Bow – black – BOOM
Earrings: Pumpkin Earrings [Large] – PrettiFuL – $150L
Socks: Leggy Zebra – MUKA – $250L
Sock Foot: Basic Color Tights – black – G Field – $120L
Shoes: Strap Shoes “Alex” – orange – G Field – $180L

Hair: hair 015a – blondesand – Eep – $250L
Nails: Prim nails – Halloween 2009 – $130L
Lashes: Ultra Long 3D Alpha Eyelashes – Mon Chéri – $0L
Eyes: Jaded Eyes – Dusk – large bright – Poetic Eyes – $100L
Skin: Harley (ultraltbrow) & Button Nose – Ivory – Pink Fuel – $1500L
Freckles: Face & Body Freckles – Oh!Liv – $100L
Eyeshadow: Shimmer Eyeshadow – Winged (monolid) – Ivory Fatpack
Lipstick: Harley Sheer Gloss – Dolly Orange – Ivory Fatpack

Set: Halloween Scene Eyeball Trees – Halloween – $350
Pose: Marcia 5 – Model Poses – $25