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RMK Halloween – Sweet Treats « Lovely Little Lolita

RMK Halloween – Sweet Treats

October 15th, 2013

So I’m doing the RMK Halloween Hunt, which is surprisingly complex. Basically there are a bunch of ingredients that randomly pop up around the sim, and you have to find them, combine them, and find the ghost who wants that particular treat. The ghost then gives you a ticket you can trade in for prizes. You get this silly outfit to hunt in, and when you wear the ticket, you do this fun victory dance.

There is also a recipe finder contest for bloggers, so in the spirit of winning (and sharing) I’m posting what recipes I find! Enjoy!

Victory Dance

RMK Blog

Being the dork that I am, I actually googled a lot of these recipes because I didn’t know what they were, never mind what ingredients they might have in them! If that doesn’t make me dorky, the fact that I now want to try and make a lot of these recipes definitely does!

*Arroz con Leche* Give to Mike

*Fudge* Give to Josef

*Kipfer* Give to Dash

*Florentins* Give to Oswald

*Engaaduner Nuβ Schitten* Give to Will

*Dulce de Leche* Give to Anne

*Nougat* Give to Cyndi

*Crema Catalana* Give to Christina

*Chonmage imo* Give to Samurai

*Geppei* Give to Chan

Tip: Turn on run and double click to TP. The sweets are temporary rezz, so they disappear very quickly. This also means they don’t show up in the area search. Very clever RMK!

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