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Twinning: Twinkle Twinkle « Lovely Little Lolita

Twinning: Twinkle Twinkle

September 7th, 2013

Lolita is more fun with friends. It’s so much fun that there is an actual phrase for two Lolitas dressing up in identical coords:  twinning. With twinning, the outfits can be completely identical or contrasting colors/styles (like Shiro and Kuro).  It can also be done with the same print, but different styles of dress (fraternal twinning).  One cute Lolita stands out in a crowd, but two really turn heads! It can take the uncomfortable edge off of going out in public, especially if you are going to a place where Lolita isn’t common. Groups can include three or four Lolitas and are called triplets and quadruplets respectively. Of course, there can be more, but the bigger the group, the more likely you will get lost in it. I don’t know about you, but I don’t wear Lolita to blend in! Accessorizing is such a crucial part of Lolita, and with twinning, you and your friend accent each other.

Of course, not everyone likes twinning.  Lolita can be all about being original, and twinning diminishes that. To some, showing up in the same dress (accidental twinning) as another Lolita can be an embarrassing disaster. It can also turn into a contest of who did the look better.

Here I am with the lovely Chobii from Sakacho’s Lolita Haven. Since she’s absolutely adorable, I love twinning with her. Chobii has been wanting to do a more Deco Lolita coord, and I begrudgingly agreed to do one with her. As it turns out, we had a blast! She got some editing help with her dress and introduced me to an awesome new pair of shoes. Sitting down to arrange the stars on our hair was particularly fun and not as tedious with two sets of hands! It helps that the stars are full perm, so we could just make a copy when we were done with one! I love how we coordinate, but we don’t lose ourselves in the pairing. Her chocolate locks go well with my honey ones, and our skins and shapes help us keep our own distinctive looks. It appears that two adorable heads are better than one!

Twinkle Twinkle

Dress: Little Star – Honey Kitty– $300L
Cardigan: Romantic Cardigan (short) – Honey Kitty –  $150L
Jewelry: Cutie Ribbon Accessories – Honey Kitty – $180L
Shoes & Socks: Lolita heels with socks – Crazy Kitty– $220L
Hair: Lyra 2 – Rosy Mood – $180L
Hair Stars: Full Perm MESH Kawaii Star – Baby Creations – $50L
Bunny Clip – Bunny Hairpin – FAKE*EG – $25L
Face Stars: Star Face Tattoo – iKandy – $10L

2 Responses to “Twinning: Twinkle Twinkle”

  1. Saka says:

    You guys were so cute!

  2. Chii says:

    FFF. I still love this picture so hard. ;A;

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